Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ten Things About Myself I Probably Shouldn't Admit

1. I hate board games.

2. I have an unforgivable habit of not tightening lids on jars. (Why Jack hasn't divorced me for this is a great mystery.)

3. My go-to "cleaning" method is to shove crap in cabinets, closets, and under the bed.

4. I hate calling people on the phone and will do almost anything to avoid it.

5. I was a bigger nerd in high school than you can possibly imagine.

6. Evidence of #5: The only team sport I played was Knowledge Bowl.

7. Yet more evidence: There is still a poster of Rick Springfield hanging on the wall of my old room at my father's house.

8. I hate hanging out at the playground.

9. I love reading science fiction and fantasy novels. (Don't ask me to divulge any titles because I will plead the Fifth.)

10. I can pee faster than anyone else on this earth.


Mamikaze said...

You are so transparent!
That could be my list.

Board games should be called Bored games. The playground is brings out my worst paranoias.

followthatdog said...

I take that peeing comment as a challenge! I spent waaay to much time in bars to linger in the potty. Someone might take my chair, or worse yet, my drink! When I finally meet you in person, I'm bringing a stopwatch.

Green said...

I've been known to take a shopping bag, shove all the loose papers and magazines in it, and shove the bag in my closet when guests are coming over.

TormentedDreamer said...

I also challenge the peeing comment. I can go pee, start to finish, faster than a guy....