Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm on a roll here

Forget saving for retirement or even college—this therapy fund is going to suck us dry.

A couple of months ago, one of the Hot Cops lost a leg in a freak accident. (They may look like sex machines, but they can’t get their feet up over their heads. Sorry ladies.) There was much crying and wailing, then the tears were dried and the amputated limb was forgotten.

Until I found it behind my dresser the other day, that is. I pulled it out with a mock look of horror on my face. “AAIIEEEEEEEEE! IT’S A SEVERED LEG!” I howled. JJ cracked up, but The Peanut’s face collapsed in terror. “No! No! NONONONONONO,” she shrieked as she flew from the room in a blind panic.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in her future psychiatrist’s office.


patti said...

That made me, literally, LOL. You know I don't LOL.

Poor Peanut. With any luck she'll just block her whole childhood. It has worked well for my sister except that she has to call me every now and then to fill in giant gaps in her life.

Stephanie said...

as always, fabulous picture. do you have a HOC staff photographer inhouse?

Green said...

Why is she buried in hay? I feel this is a good story, yes?

Mrs. Blue said...

Peanut in a haystack. I love her.

Student Nurse Jack said...

"And then there was this time my mother held up a small amputated leg she had been storing in her dresser drawer, and she cackled wildly, encouraging my brother to join in with her. It was just, so, so, (sob) frightening!"

Don't you just want to remember what it was like to be young enough to interpret these scenes through their eyes? Santa? Oh, yeah. Big, loud, (smelly) scary guy that sneaks into our home. Easter Bunny? WTF is that thing? Leaving my teeth for some magical creature who hoards them? OK, Mom. If you say so. Yeah, my kids are scarred beyond help if they remember anything before age 2.

Your Peanut picture is darling.