Monday, January 01, 2007


Or perhaps I should title this "I suck. Already."

Apparently #2 and 4 are mutually exclusive: I yelled at both children while posting about my New Year's goals.

2007 is off to a great start.


happygal said...

Don't feel bad. Right after I wrote about how I should be kinder to my stressed-out husband, we had the worst fight we've had in about 2 years.
It ended with a smashed plate, 1 freaked-out child (the other one was sleeping, thankfully) and both of us screaming "get out!!"

Are you still up for an escape to Hawaii?

happygal said...

Also--you don't suck. You just need a break from the freaky doll woman.

Stephanie said...

clearly resolution #5 was: be more efficient. you were just multitasking.