Monday, December 18, 2006


Conversation in the car the other day:

The Peanut: Ah pooped!

Me: Oh, you pooped? Okay, we'll change you when...

The Peanut: JJ pooped!

JJ: (Indignantly) I did not! Peanut, that's not a very respectful way to talk about people.

The Peanut: Mommy pooped!

JJ: HAAhahahahahahahahhaha! Mommy pooped! Hahahahahaha!

Chorus from the backseat: Mommy pooped! Mommy pooped!


Anonymous said...

It's okay that I laughed right? It's with love that I laughed, does that make it okay?

Anonymous said...

"Thaaaaaat's why she's been spending so much time in the bathroom!", her inlaws exclaimed, upon hearing this precious revelation.

(((((Mouthing to one another and pointing behind her back: "She's incontinent of the bowel!")))))))

Hey, whatever works.

Sending you love throughout the Hands on a Hardbody-like marathon you've got going at your house.


patti said...

Four year olds.