Monday, November 13, 2006

Peanut talk

The Peanut is talking up a storm these days. Chatting, singing, telling stories, and performing comedy routines. Of course, you have to speak her language to understand what she’s saying, but once you have a grasp of her peculiar vocabulary, you’re in business.

Her favorite story is about how a little fly once buzzed around her eye. This incident occurred more than a month ago, and she is still quite worked up about it. “Fyyyyyyy,” she intones aggrievedly while pointing at her eye. “Fyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.” She’ll repeat this until you give her the “oh-yes-I-remember-a-fly-buzzed-your-eye-and-you-didn’t-like-it-did-you” response.

She also likes to relate the tale of her most recent poopalanche: “Dit. Poopt. Zhazha. Mommy. Jaji. Yucky.” Translation: “I sat in that chair and pooped. Poop got all over me, Mommy, and JJ. It was yucky.” True story.

I know I’m her mother and therefore biased, but I love how articulate and self-aware she is. “Zhyyyyyyy,” she says as she ducks her head and gazes coquettishly through her eyelashes. “Oh Peanut,” her brother replies, “Are you feeling shy? I’m shy sometimes, too.”

She’s a heartbreaker already, that one. Just wait until she has her Ph.D.—she’ll be unstoppable.


bomas said...

She is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have the most beautiful kids!!

Green said...

JJ is so very sweet to her. What a lucky Peanut to have such a caring big brother!

happygal said...


Great picture! She is a little button of cuteness.