Saturday, September 01, 2007

Too tiny

“Would you like to try peeing in the potty?” I ask The Peanut hopefully.

“No.” She shakes her head. “Me too tiny.”

“Oh. When do you think you’ll be big enough?”

She shoots me a look of…disdain? Pity? “When me seven.”


Stephanie said...

She is so cute!

In case I didn't already believe that potty training was an exercise in the absurd: yesterday Tessa peed on the potty. For no reason other than to show me I have no say when any of this happens.

Also, Lucy liked to say she would eat a plum when she turned four. About a month before her fourth birthday, she started telling me she would eat a plum when she turned 32.

Maybe you should put 7 candles on her next birthday cake?

Student Nurse Jack said...

Oh, she is just so, so precious. And quite precocious! "When I'm seven" might have to become MY new mantra.