Thursday, August 17, 2006

She'll always be our baby

Conversation in the car the other day:

JJ: What’s The Peanut drinking?

Me: Milk.

JJ: No, no. What’s in her sippy cup?

Me: Uh…milk.

JJ: (Voice quivering) But she’s a baby! Babies nurse, they don’t drink milk from a cup!

Me: Oh! Well, she still nurses, but now she can drink milk from a cup, too. She’s a big girl now.

JJ: (Bursts into tears)

Me: What’s the matter?

JJ: (Sobbing) But she can’t be a big girl! She’s my baby! I need her to be my baby!

Me: Oh, honey. You know what? The Peanut will always be your baby. Even when she’s grown up, she’ll still be your baby sister.

Overheard later that day:

JJ: Peanut, I love you.

Peanut: Dah!

JJ: You’re my sweet baby. And you know what? You’ll always be my baby.

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Stephanie said...

those kids are just too, too cute.