Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out of My Head

I have been spending too much time inside my head of late. Jack is out of town right now, which means I need to work extra hard to stay engaged and present in my life.

JJ and The Peanut joined me in bed early this morning and we spent a leisurely hour reading, cuddling, and sipping coffee (or hot chocolate). The day dawned clear and unusually warm, so we ate a quick breakfast and headed for the beach.

It's not often that you can really hang out at our beach. Our coastal town is often shrouded in fog, and the winds off the ocean can be bitterly cold. But today it was perfect. We packed a bag full of sand toys, plastic dinosaurs, and snacks, found a perfect spot near some rocks and a stream, and had at it.

We built sand castles, tossed rocks in the stream, hunted for tadpoles, collected seashells and beach glass, ran shrieking from the foamy ocean waves, buried JJ's feet in the sand, staged an epic herbivores vs. carnivores battle, chatted with some other families, and breathed in the salt air.

Then we headed home for a bath, lunch, and popsicles. I think we'll spend the afternoon in the back yard, running through the sprinklers, identifying insects, and pulling weeds.

It's a very good day to be out of my head.


Chris said...

Sounds wonderful - did you get some beach glass? I love that stuff, and wondering just what container it once was, what it held, and who used it once upon a time.

Stephanie said...

We found a couple of pieces of beach glass and added them to our collection. Our beach isn't the best for collecting, though: it's mostly just sand, dried-out seaweed, garbage, and the rotting carcasses of marine mammals. But sometimes we get lucky.

Anonymous said...


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