Wednesday, February 07, 2007

All full of Happy

Last week the Crazy Family headed up to the snow with the Happy Family. The aptly named Happies, I should say. From the moment we started packing to leave, I felt great. Better than I’ve felt in almost two years, in fact.

We’ve known the Happies since JJ and their daughter M. were four and three months old, respectively. JJ stayed with them when The Peanut was born. Then Baby C. came along two months later. It’s like a ready-made playgroup. And unless you count The Peanut's suspicions that Baby C. is out to get her, we all click. The Happies are awesome.

I won’t say the trip was totally smooth, because it wasn’t. But I loved every minute of it, even the bumpy parts. Trying to start the Beverly Hillbillies snowmobile, sledding down the slushy hill, dodging the gigantic man-eating spiders lurking in the shower, getting creamed at Cranium, making fresh Giardia snow cones, being ridiculed for my UFO sighting—it was all good.

I can’t wait to do it again next year.

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happygal said... guys! :)

PS: I'm totally freaked out about GIARDIA now....!
Jack should have stopped me from insisting on making the snowcones!!!